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498 Sea View Rd
Auckland, Auckland, 1081
New Zealand


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Lunch at Wild on Waiheke

Paul Alexander

A 2 minute drive from The Dome House

Just the little burger on their menu

Just the little burger on their menu

What a great place, be warned though- block out the afternoon!  

They boast a fab, relaxed menu featuring their awesome burgers and the generous antipasto platter is a must. We also tried the kids menu - the sarnie Boxes were a hit and easy to take away to the beach afterwards too.

Sit there and sample the vineyards fine selection of vino and beer while the kids happily play in their own space, in your line of sight, but far enough away to enjoy them from a distance. 


After you have your eye in, have a go at clay-bird shooting (as you do), but fear not its electronic so they have taken away the whole fear/excitement of booze/ammo. Not a shell in sight, just a really cool electronic version of the same thing less the shotgun recoil.  


If you are in the mood for something a little more cause and effect orientated, venture over to the range and channel your inner Hunger Game.  


What a great place, and we are lucky enough to nearly be neighbours.  

Thanks  @wildonwaiheke